About Us

“The Positive Place for Kids”

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dubuque provides fun, friendship, education, character building, and a safe haven for the youth of the Dubuque community. The Club was one of the first 53 clubs in the country and one of the first five West of the Mississippi River.

Looking back in history, when Kate Van Duzee started with a small group of boys in her house in 1900, we have come a long way. From several location changes for the boys, to the inception of the Girl's Club in 1973, to the merging of the two organizations in April 1999, there have been many changes, although one thing has remained constant throughout—the Club is a fun place where kids can come and see a friendly face. No matter what the situation is in our member’s lives, they know when they come to the Club they can leave all their worries behind and have fun!

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dubuque offers a variety of different activities and programs for school age kids to participate.

The Club is a great place to come whether you wish to read a book, use a computer, participate in Brain Games, play a game in the Game Room, paint a plaque or color a picture in Arts & Crafts, or play a game of Kick Ball in the gym. This is just a small sampling of the many, many programs and activities offered everyday at the Boys & Girls Club.

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come and see what we have to offer the youth of our community.


- Tom F. Sullivan, Executive Director


Our Mission

To provide the Dubuque-area youth with programs that promote health and wellness, educational, social and cultural, and leadership and character development skills. We place an emphasis on areas with the greatest potential impact, in an environment that enables our members to become responsible, productive, and positive citizens. 


What We Believe

Our Principles

The Boys and Girls Club is guided by the following principles.

The Club...

  • is for boys and girls
  • offers a safe place
  • has full-time professional leadership
  • is supplemented by part-time youth workers and adult volunteers
  • assures all youth can afford to belong
  • is for boys and girls of all races, religions, and ethnic cultures
  • is non-secretarían
  • has an open door policy
  • has varied and diversified programming
  • is facility-based
  • is guidance-oriented


What We Offer

Guidance in helping boys and girls to:

  • discover their needs
  • pursue their interests
  • broaden their viewpoints
  • dissolve their prejudices
  • resolve their conflicts
  • set their goals
  • understand themselves
  • have fun!